Dippin’ Dots: Ice Cream of the Future

This is something I wrote in response to this article:

“After reading your article, it makes me wonder…have you really tried the product you are slandering? I think that if you had then you would probably not speak so negatively about it (unless you did, by chance, try one of Dippin’ Dots knock off competitors like Mini Melts or Itti Bitz – they are worthless and cheaper for a reason).

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that you’re taking a cheap jab at a slogan that was created in 1988 as a sales tool. Yeah, they had the same slogan for a long time. Haha. Hilarious. You’ve done a wonderful job in pointing out the obvious. You get a gold star. (Sorry. Where are my manners?)

The point of the slogan was that Dippin’ Dots was taking a tired idea that had been created and eaten the same way for a long time and revolutionizing it into something fun and creative. Dippin’ Dots isn’t just ice cream…it is ice cream that seems to emphasize breaking the rule of “not playing with your food.” It is a family treat that is aimed at kids much like traditional ice cream. But what fun is hand-scooped ice cream? You can buy that at Wal-Mart and take it home and eat it.

Also, note that Dippin’ Dots seems more expensive because (as Reilly pointed out before) because a larger volume of Dippin’ Dots can fit into a smaller bowl than a traditional ice cream because, whenever it is flash frozen the air is removed from the product. So, a traditional bowl of ice cream (if you were to remove the air from the product) would not fill the same space as a similar bowl of Dippin’ Dots. With Dippin’ Dots you get 100% ice cream made with high quality materials. That is another reason for the price. You can buy a knock off product for less but who knows what you’re putting into your body?

So, now that you know a bit more of the truth about Dippin’ Dots, maybe you won’t feel as strongly negative about the product? I suggest that you go find a Dippin’ Dots stand and give the product a shot. It is great. I have the opportunity to work where Dippin’ Dots are not difficult to come by and I will say that I am hooked.

Anyway, let me conclude by saying that I enjoyed reading your article – I even got a chuckle at the references to Super Mario Bros. 3, Sonny Bono, and Brooke Hogan. Although I agree with Bear Silber that Super Mario Bros. 3 is epic (and it is sort of the future of gaming as it has been re-released on both the Nintendo DS and the Wii due to its fame and large fan-base). Lastly, for somebody who is so strongly against supporting Dippin’ Dots, answer me this: Can over a million facebook fans be wrong that Dippin’ Dots is great? I don’t think so. Thanks.”

I just felt that this information was important to portray.  Dippin’ Dots is a great product and I think they deserve a little better informed representation than this guy was presenting.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this.

2 Responses to “Dippin’ Dots: Ice Cream of the Future”

  1. August 17, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    I feel like we need to weigh in here…

    First of all, I have and I know John has tried Dippin’ Dots. While it may be shocking there are those of us who are not fans of the product. I can assure you there are many people who feel the same, even after subjecting their taste buds to the glory that is Dippin’ Dots. To suggest the reason we are not fans is due to the fact we have never tried them is a poor rationale for debate.

    Secondly, I take umbrage with you saying Dippin’ Dots took “a tired idea that had been created and eaten the same way for a long time and revolutionizing it .” Why is ice cream, one of the world’s most universally beloved foods, “tired?” I will give Dippin’ Dots credit for having thier own unique product and cheers to those of you who like them. I’m just saying that no one was sitting around eating ice cream wondering if it could be improved upon. That would be impossible. It’s as if somone decided to create little peanut butter pellets and called it the “peanut butter of the future.” You can no more improve upon peanut butter than you can improve upon ice cream.

    Which leads me to their slogan. Calling them the ice cream of the future implies there is a problem with the ice cream of the present. Clearly there is not. The use of that slogan opens them up to ridicule, or “cheap jabs” as you say, and EP is happy to supply that when necessary.

    Lastly, Justin Beiber has over 9 million facebook fans. Can they possibly be wrong? Hell yes. Equating popularity with the masses with quality is another poor debate tactic. And the fact that you act like the fact that they have a million fans is the final word is pretty funny if you ask me.

    Justin Beiber has more fans than Miles Davis so I guess according to you he is better than Miles.

    Sorry if the comes across as harsh, but come on, you employed some pretty weak tactics in your defense of Dippin’ Dots, and I felt that information was important to portray.

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