I started this blog around 8 years ago and so much has changed since then.  When I started this blog, I was a naive 25 year old.  I had married a woman I barely knew that I met in one of my lowest moments in my life…and I only married her because she got pregnant.  Long story short…mistakes were made, but that was then and this is now…

So, let’s start fresh.  “Hello there!”  My name is Eric W. Hamilton.  I am a 32-year-old husband and father living in Western Kentucky.  I am married to the woman of my dreams, Amy Hamilton, and we have 3 beautiful children.  Aiden, my son from my first marriage, is a 7-year-old goofball who loves playing video games.  Emma, my wife’s daughter from her first marriage, is a sweet 6-year-old who loves babies and crafting.  Sarah is our 6-month-old baby that we had together.  She is a feisty little baby that is eager to crawl/walk and begin adventuring with her older siblings.

I currently work in the IT field as a Help Desk Technician at the world’s most famous beaded ice cream company, Dippin’ Dots.  I love my job and I have some of the best coworkers (friends) in the world here.  I’m always eager to expand my knowledge and to have new experiences in the IT field.  As you know, it is an ever expanding field and you must always be willing to learn to keep up with it all.

Here are a few pictures of myself and my family:


This is my baby girl, Sarah, the newest addition to our family.


From left to right:  Aiden, Emma, Amy, Sarah, Me, and Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton in the background.


Emma and Aiden after spending an evening decorating the Christmas tree over the weekend.




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